Júcar River Basin District

It includes the territory of the watershed flowing into the Mediterranean Sea between the left bank of the Gola del Segura in his mouth and the mouth of the river Cenia, including basin, together with transitional waters. Intra-basin are excluded from Valencia, as well as transitional waters associated with them. Coastal waters have the southern boundary line oriented 100 ° passing through the coastal boundary between the towns of Elche and Guardamardel Segura as the northern boundary line oriented 122.5 ° which passes through the southern end of the beach Alcanar. Excluded coastal waters associated with the coastline of the basins, intra-Valencia.

Autonomous CommunityArea (Km²)Basin Fraction (%)
Comunidad Valenciana24.447,34449,6
Castilla La-Mancha18.039,77436,6

Territorial distribution of the Confederation Júcar. Source: Confederation Júcar. Note: excludes River Basin basins of Valencia, yet to be defined.