User communities

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According to article 81 of Water Law:

Water users and other public water assets that benefit from the same outlet or concession must be established user communities. When the destination of the waters was mainly irrigation, Irrigation is commonly called, otherwise, the communities will receive the label to characterize the fate of collective use.

The role of the user community is the internal management and planning of water rights registered in his favor and other assets that comprise the Public Water Agency under the supervision of the basin to which they are assigned.

Composition and constitution

  • They consist of water users and other assets of DPH same outlet or concession
  • Its constitution is mandatory, it can even automatically and no constitution can lead to forfeiture of the concession
  • Can be of different classes and different names depending on the destination of the collective use: irrigation (irrigation communities), water supply, industrial.
  • They can be surface or groundwater

Nature and legal

  • They are corporations of public law, assigned to the corresponding River Basin
  • Have legal personality and its own
  • They are governed by its statutes and ordinances drafted and approved by them and then by the River Basin, which can only withhold approval or introduce variations to the assent of the State Council. They regulates: purpose, scope planning, participation, obligation to help pay expenses, penalty system, and so on.
  • Act in accordance with the procedures established in the Water Act and the Statutes and Ordinances, in accordance with the provisions of Law 30/1992
  • They have the following powers:
    • User communities can run themselves and the buyer's expense unfulfilled agreements which impose a duty to do. The cost of running the subsidiary shall be payable for administrative measures of constraint.
    • Beneficiaries of expropriation and the imposition of easements requiring their exploitation and achieve its objectives.
    • The user communities will be obliged to carry out the works and installations by the Administration order to avoid misuse of the deterioration of water or public water.
    • Debts to the community of users motivated by the administration and distribution of water may be required by the administrative measures of constraint, the user community may prohibit the use of water until they are satisfied. The same approach was followed when the debt comes from fines and restitution imposed by the courts or juries irrigation.


The community of users has the following bodies:

  • Meeting or Assembly

    Formed by all users, is the sovereign body. Their agreements are executed immediately and may challenge the Basin Agency.

  • Governing Board

    Elected by the General Board is responsible for enforcement of ordinances and resolutions adopted by it and by the General Meeting. Their agreements are executed immediately and may challenge the Basin Agency.

  • Jury

    Meet the factual issues between users and the violations, imposing sanctions, imposing penalties, indemnities and obligations to which can be derived from them. Its judgments are executed immediately.

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