This section presents those organizations which have competence on continental water issues.

  • First, there is a description of the competence allocation on water issues in Spain between National and Regional Governments, according to the Spanish Constitution.
  • The Hydrographical Basin is the basic entity of management. In these pages you will find information about the different Basin Councils: classification, structure, functions, competences, contact information…
  • Using the left menu you can browse the different organizations related to water management:
    • National Government with its public bodies (autonomous institutions and public firms)
    • Regional Governments with its public bodies (autonomous institutions and public firms)
    • Local Government
    • User Associations
    • International Organizations
    • Firms
    • Professional societies, foundations, and similar organizations
    • Education, Research and Development organizations
    As a reference, you will find too:
    • Libraries and documentation centres
    • Museums about water