Features and classification

Basin Organizations

What are the Hydrographic Confederations?

River Basin, including the designation of Water Boards are public corporations with legal personality and distinct from the state, assigned for administrative purposes to the Ministry of Environment and Rural and Marine Affairs and with full functional autonomy, according with what is available in the Water Act. Public administration of water in the basins is exercised by the Confederation intercommunity basins and watersheds by intra Water Authorities of the Autonomous Community.

What are the Hydrographic Confederations functions?

According to Article 23 of the TRLA:

  • The development of River Basin Management Plan, monitoring and review.
  • The management and control of public water.
  • The management and control of the uses of general interest or that affect more than one region.
  • The design, construction and operation of the works carried out under the Agency's own funds, and assigned to them by the state.
  • Those arising from the agreements with the Autonomous Communities, local corporations and other public or private entities, or those signed with the private.

Which are the powers of the Hydrographic Confederations?

  • Granting of licenses and concessions relating to DPH. Except for works and activities of state interest, corresponding to the Ministry of Environment.
  • Inspection and enforcement of conditions of permits and concessions for DPH.
  • Conducting appraisals, hydrological studies, information on flood control and water quality.
  • Study, design, construction, maintenance and operation and improvement of water works included in their own plans and those that could be entrusted.
  • Definition of objectives and programs of water quality, according to water planning.
  • Plans, programs and actions for the proper management of claims, to promote savings and economic and environmental efficiency of different water uses.
  • Technical services and advice.

What is the structure of the Hydrographic Confederations?

Consult a general scheme of Confederation. Further information is available on the composition and functions of each organ.

How do you classify the basin water administrations?


Note: For each Hispagua Water Authorities with an overview of the river basin plans. The review of existing watershed plans are at different stages depending on the administration concerned. As we post this information I will update.