Water Desalination by Electrodialysis Systems Fed directly Photovoltaic Solar Energy: Feasibility Study and Modelling

Autor/es: Ortiz-Díaz-Guerra, Juan Manuel

Año de lectura: 2009

Universidad: Alicante

Departamento: Química Física


This thesis has made a study of two complementary technologies such as electrochemical technology and PV technology, resulting in a union which is advantageous in many respects. Importantly electrochemical systems working with direct current electrical energy, which implies that the connection by solar panels can be performed directly without the use of inverters, and therefore with greater efficiency. In addition, part of electrodialysis processes under in Green Chemistry, which together with the union of solar PV can be a great potential for future joint applications. Therefore, the study of electrodialysis systems powered by solar energy PV is of great interest to know how these two technologies interact and allow to know their behavior, as most desalination systems are designed to be operated by conventional energy therefore are not optimized for use with a renewable energy source. Therefore, to know the behavior is the step that allows the optimization of these systems, both from the standpoint of operation and utilization of solar energy as the dimensioning and how to perform this coupling in practice, on the other side The study of a technology like solar powered electrodialysis can FV is interesting because it allows other applications to extrapolate behavior of electrochemical systems coupled to solar PV industry interest and the protection of the environment, such as systems hydrogen production by electrolysis processes of sewage treatment by electrochemical processes, etc.. The main objectives of this thesis are: 1. Studied from a theoretical point of view the direct coupling of an electrodialysis desalination system to a solar PV system without battery use, and demonstrate the technical feasibility of desalination of brackish water through a system of this kind. 2. Develop and validate a mathematical model capable of simulating the electrodialysis system powered by solar PV.