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First International Conference on Management and Integrated Water Treatment

26 - 28 april 2006
Córdoba (Argentina)

This is an international event organized jointly by the Faculty of Agricultural Sciences at the Nacional University of Córdoba (Argentina) and Fundación ProDTI of the Sevilla University (Spain). Despite being the first edition of this event, actually assumes the continuation of the previous Conference on Management of 2004.

The selected topics of interest are water and health, economy and legislation of water, desalination, planning and management of hydric resources, irrigation and drainage, water sanitation and instrumentation technologies.

Many of the accepted papers focus on aspects of highly local nature. However,there are a variety of issues:management plans of hydric resources, environmental education, water rights and water quality studies are the most frequent topics at the moment. In any case, you can see the complete list of accepted papers from your own Web site.

Furthermore, in parallel form to the Congress, an exhibition of products and services will be celebrated.The stands can be contracted until April 11, 2006 in the company MITEN.


Ing. Agr. Marta E. Rodríguez
Cátedra Hidrología Agrícola - Facultad de Ciencias Agropecuarias - U.N.C. - Argentina
Delegada Fundación ProDTI.
Tel.: (54) 0351-4334116/17/03/05. Int. 117
Fax: (54) 0351- 4334118

Ing. Agr. Eduardo Yaglián
Gerente de la Fundación ProDTI.
Profesor Asociado.
Universidad de Sevilla - España.
Tel.: +34 95 455 28 38
Fax: +34 95 455 28 33

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The deadline for submission of papers ended the last month of February

EuroMed 2006 - Desalination in the South Mediterranean Countries: Cooperation between the European Mediterranean countries and the South basin of the Mediterranean

21 - 24 May 2006
Montpellier (France)

Organized by the European Desalination Society, this is the fourth edition ofthis event, whichaims to coverthe latest developmentsin technology for desalination, from an integrative perspective that considers the socio-economic and environmental costs and impacts

The main topics covered will be: desalination and environment; research in desalination and water purification; state of the art in desalination, inverse osmosis, membrane development and maintenance, wastewater treatment, pre-and post-treatment of desalination, public and private funding.


Prof. Miriam Balaban
EDS Secretary General, Science and Technology Park of Abruzzo, Via Antica Arischia 1, 67100 L'Aquila, Italy
Tel.: +39 (0862) 319954 / +39 (348) 8848406 / +39 (328) 1693305
Fax: +39 (0862) 3475 213


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The deadline for submission of papers is closed

CIERTA 2006 - InternationalConferenceon Renewable Energies andWater Technologies

6-7 october 2006
Almería (Spain)

The International Conference on Renewable Energies and Water Technologies (CIERTA 2006) will celebrate in parallel tot he third edition of the Renewable Energies and Water Technologies.

Desalination has an important role in the section on "Water and renewable energy,"which treats the solar and wind pumping and the activities in urban and industrial scopes.


Teresa Gallego de la Losa
Palacio de Exposiciones y Congresos
Avda. Cámara de Comercio 1. 04720 Aguadulce (Roquetas de Mar - Almería)
Tel.: +34 950 18 18 00
Fax: +34 950 18 18 05

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The deadline for submission of papers is closed