Thesaurus of Hydraulic Engineering

Open Thesaurus of hydraulic engineering

The present Thesaurus of hydraulic engineering is directed to the technicians and professionals who must submerge in the problems that the location of the information in this field represents, and to the professionals of the documentation which they approach subjects of hydraulic Engineering.

The Thesaurus represents a documentary tool that, thanks to it´s characteristic of the specific language normalization, allows the conversion of the technical language of a document to the own controlled documentary language, essential way for all user who accedes to a data base looking for information and needs to prepare a strategy for the documentary consultation.

Furthermore, the Thesaurus means a fundamental tool for the information retrieval officer that must link certain document or contribute with references to a data base. Don´t exist thesaurus in Castilian language on hydraulic Engineering, the present documentary tool not only means an important advance to guarantee the quality in the index-linking processes and information retrieval of the data bases, but it represents a contribution in the field of the scientific terminology in ours language.