Development of ecological qualification modules for initial vocational training and insertion in the field of electro, gas and water installations

Desarrollo de módulos de capacitación ecológica de la formación profesional inicial y la inserción en el campo de las instalaciones electro, gas y agua

Socio principal: LIFE e.V. - Ökotechnisches Frauenbildungszentrum

Socios participantes: VEV Elektrotechnisch Vakonderwijs ; W.E.B. Women's Education in Building; Empl. Dept./Projekt Huset


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The starting point for this project is based on the following premise: on a European scale, the number of women involved in training measures or who have found a job in the professional, technical commercial fields is still largely inadequate. This premise goes hand in hand with a deficiency when aspects of environmental protection in vocational training are taken into account. The aim of this project is therefore to improve and facilitate women's access to innovatory craftsmen's jobs in the environmental technology sector.

Fuente: CORDIS