Water and environment

Agua y Medio Ambiente

Socio principal: Greta Nord Contentin - Lycée Technique Alexis de Tocqueville

Socios participantes: Pathway Europe; Consorzio Sruole Lavoro; DIDASK


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The changes in the economic world and the necessity of protecting the environment must lead to an increased awareness of the problems regarding water and its regulatory aspects for sectors of the public of various origins whose activities or decisions have a major impact on the water cycle. The project proposes to design and implement training modules for local and industry officials which relate to the treatment of water before and after use. It also proposes to adapt the partner countries' training systems in this field, to create access to a new qualification and to establish a common training reference work in order to promote the professional integration and the mobility of young people undergoing initial vocational training, and continuing vocational training for employees.

Fuente: CORDIS