Yemen Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Project

Inicio del proyecto: Thu, 21/12/2000

Finalización del proyecto: Mon, 31/12/2007

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The Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Project for the Republic of Yemen aims to expand sustainable rural water supply and sanitation service coverage to mostly poor rural dwellers in ten governorates. There are three project components. The first, the water supply component, provides a minimum service level including the construction and rehabilitation of RWSS systems consisting of a range of technologies, i.e., hand dug wells and hand pumps, spring protection and gravity supply, rain water catchments, piped schemes from boreholes equipped with either diesel or electrical pumps, and supplying communal stand posts. The second component, environmental sanitation, provides incentives to household to construct household systems, i.e., simple dry pit latrines, pour-flush latrines, flush toilets, and septic tanks. The third component includes equipment and running costs, as well as technical support, training, technical assistance, and sector studies.

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