1st International Seminar on Dam Protection against Overtopping and Accidental Leakage

Mon, 24/11/2014 / Wed, 26/11/2014

During recent years, the technology of dam protection has undergone major advancement. The increasing
demand for safety in modern societies has created the need for cost-effective measures to protect critical
infrastructure such as dams.
This situation has resulted in the drafting of new regulations and technical manuals in countries like Norway, Sweden, and the USA, among others. The technical manual Overtopping Protection for Dams, developed by the US Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), will be presented at the seminar.
Although different dam protection techniques have been applied to many dams all over the world, many of the applications have not been tested and the technology is still not mature. Therefore, additional research is still necessary to improve current design criteria.
The latest advances and a portfolio of applications in representative case studies will be presented.

C/Profesor Aranguren (without number).

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