V World Water Forum

V World Water Forum: Istambul 2009

V Foro Mundial del AguaThe World Water Forum is an initiative of the World Water Council (WWC), which aims to raise the awareness of water issues around the world. As the more important  international event on the subject, the Forum aims to foster the participation and the dialogue of multiple actors  with the purpose to influence in the elaboration of policies development at global level, ensuring a better quality of life for the humanity  around the world and a more responsible social behavior towards water use, in congruence with the goal to reach a sustainable development.


TheWorld Water Forums are built on the base of the knowledge, experience and consumptions of various organizations very active in the world of the water. Is an iniciative founded on the principlesof collaboration, association and innovation.

Due to the success of 4th World Water Forum celebrated in Mexico three years ago, Istambul will host the 5th World Water Forum from 15 to 22  March of 2009. Being the event on water most important of the world, the experts of the World Water Forum 2009 expect attendance of 15,000 people coming from 150 countries to discuss the strategies and solutions on the water in the world. Turkeyis known for it´s rich water resources, for it´s cultural and technological resources and for it´s strategic cooperation shared between the General Council of the State Hydraulic Works, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality.

For the preparation of the World Water Forum, a presentation has been celebrated on the Consensus of the Water of Istambul in Singapore during the  3 and 4 of July of 2008 and in Macedonia during the World Summit of the Cities, to plan the programs and issues of the discussion at the World Water Forum.


The Secretariat of the V World Water Forum is responsible for collecting applications for participation in the forum, as thousands of individuals and organizations worldwide will participate in this preparatory process.

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