2nd UrbanFlood Workshop 2011


Thu, 03/11/2011 / Thu, 03/11/2011

UrbanFlood is a 7th framework project supported by the European Union which investigates the use of sensors within flood embankments to support an online early warning system and monitoring system and real time emergency management. “Safer dikes are not only stronger but also smarter dikes”. The online early warning system is generic, and can also be applied for other hazards and threats, such as wildfires, earthquakes etc.

Following the success of the first workshop in November 2010, the second UrbanFlood Workshop with the title “Intelligent dike monitoring for the 21st century” will again be held in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, and is planned for Thursday 3rd November 2011, to coincide with the International Water Week Amsterdam (IWWA). The IWWA offers a wide range of interesting activities such as conferences (AquaTerra, WaterCities in Transition), exhibitions (AquaTech) and field visits that can be combined with your participation in the UrbanFlood workshop. For the full programme of the IWWA see the link at the end of this announcement.

(Amsterdam, Holanda)
Prof. Dr. Robert J. Meijer