Forging Targets and Solutions for Rivers and Water Ecosystem Restoration


Wed, 16/11/2011 / Fri, 18/11/2011

This seminar is a preparatory meeting for the 6th World Water Forum, for the greater European region1. The goal is to build capacity by working on new knowledge for the protection and restoration of rivers and other water ecosystems.

This goal will be achieved by formulating targets and a concrete plan of action focused on 4 main topics :

1. Promote integration of aquatic ecosystems conservation in land (use) planning and other territorial policies,
2. Reach consensus on river restoration good practices as a means to support delivery of European policy goals.
3. Reinforce public education on water ecosystems and resources preservation and restoration,
4. Improve the link between tourism development and quality of water ecosystems.

(Ljubljana, Eslovenia)

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