7th international conference: Integrating Natural and Social Sciences for Sustainability

7th international conference: Integrating Natural and Social Sciences for Sustainability

European Society for Ecological Economics (ESEE)

Tue, 05/06/2007 / Tue, 08/05/2007

The European Society for Ecological Economics (ESEE), in co-operation with the German associations for ecological economics VÖÖ and VÖW, invite you to meet in Leipzig for the 7th international conference.
The conference will explore contemporary scientific approaches for putting the concept of Sustainable Development into research and into practice, and it will focus on bridging natural and social sciences. It will address sustainability topics such as loss of biodiversity, human vulnerability to global change and water problems on all geographical and institutional levels. The conference aims to contribute to a better understanding of societal and natural processes and their interaction by integrating scientific methodologies to overcome the shortcomings of disciplinary and multi-disciplinary approaches. Impediments to inter- and transdisciplinary research will be examined and new research concepts for sustainability identified
n "plenary", "parallel" and "poster sessions" the following sustainability topics will be addressed during the conference:

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Biodiversity: conflicts and management
Global, regional and local water problems
Climate change: vulnerability, mitigation and adaptation
Sustainable use of landscapes
Sustainable cities
Environment and development: growth, globalisation and environmental degradation
Sustainable management of living systems
Industrial ecology: managing product life cycles and material flows
Managing contaminated sites
Technological change for sustainability
Contributions are invited which examine these topics by means of modelling, empirical work, governance and policy research, or philosophical and methodological work. Traditionally, ESEE conferences are a meeting point where new, trans- and interdisciplinary ideas around sustainability issues emerge, are adopted and put into new research projects immediately. We look forward to a Leipzig ESEE 2007 conference which will accentuate this tradition through its focus on transdisciplinary research for sustainability.

European Society for Ecological Economics (ESEE)
(Leipzig, Alemania)
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