AM4.1 Sustainable Food Security through Increased Productivity of Rainfed and Irrigated Agriculture

Wed, 14/03/2012 / Wed, 14/03/2012

Irrigated agriculture uses approximately 70% of the total water withdrawal worldwide. Many irrigation systems are performing below their potential for a range of reasons. In order to feed the growing world population, the productivity of irrigated agriculture will have to increase. Simply put, the world must have "more crop per drop". Similarly, rainfed agriculture must be enhanced to produce more with finite resources. Intervention measures for irrigated agriculture may include better operation and maintenance of irrigation systems, better water management and upgrading of irrigation and drainage systems. Intervention measures applicable to both irrigated and rainfed agriculture may include enhanced financial practices, and improved practices related to tillage, seeds, fertilizer application and pest control. The goal will be to close the gap between the actual crop yield and the potential crop yield in a cost effective and sustainable manner through the presentation of a range of existing and proposed solutions.

(Marseille, France)