Recent Advances in Energy saving in the Water Industry


Tue, 21/02/2012 / Tue, 21/02/2012

The aim of this one-day event is to examine the options that have been implemented for energy reduction throughout the wastewater treatment process. It will examine each aspect of the process from raw wastewater through preliminary, primary and secondary treatment as well as opportunities available for energy recovery from sludge. Based around case studies from within the UK Water Industry, delegates will learn of the many opportunities that still exist for energy reduction. It will consider some quite novel options to deliver smaller savings as well as recent advances in those processes such as pumping and aeration, where the bulk of energy is used. Delivered by active practitioners it will provide a valuable update to your own energy management plan and should repay your attendance with the savings you can make at your own treatment plant.

(Leeds, U.K.)

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