IWA Conference 2012 on Water Safety

International Water Association (IWA), Australian Water Association (AWA)

Sun, 25/03/2012 / Tue, 27/03/2012

The International Water Association's Water Security and Safety Management SG seeks to establish a platform for dialogue and promote an integrated view on disaster response and resilience. This relates to policy making, financing, urban planning and management, emergency water and wastewater treatment, infrastructure design and rehabilitation as well as upstream linkages of with wider land use planning issues. On behalf of the WS&SM Specialist Group, W-SMART, and the IWA Australia Committee, we are honoured to invite the global water industry to participate in Resilience 2012 in Sydney. We hope that you could attend this important event to share your experiences as well as promote exchange of information and ideas.

International Water Association (IWA), Australian Water Association (AWA)
(Sydney, Australia)