System and method for water desalination and other uses

Autor/es: Ovadia, Shmuel

Solicitante: S. D. E. LTD.

Número de solicitud: MX20100002416 20100302

Clasificación de patentes: Internacional: F03B13/18; F03B13/00

Fecha de publicación de la concesión: Thu, 27/05/2010


A system for converting wave energy into Rotary motion and for sea water desalination, including buoyancy means upon sea waves where in the buoyancy means move according to the sea waves motion, a piston, containing fluid, where in the piston is pivotally attached to the buoyancy means, thereby converting mechanical kinetic energy into hydraulic pressure of fluid. A hydraulic system that includes pipes and one or more one-directional valves for allowing pressure container. The system further includes a hydraulic motor that is operatively connected to the hydraulic system where in the hydraulic pressure creates a flow of fluid that operatively rotates the hydraulic motor. The rotary motion can then be used for sea water desalination and for other uses.

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