System for collecting rain water

Autor/es: Elizabeth Jocelyn Esparza Muñoz; Jose de la Luz Marcelino Esparza Casares; Nancy Miriam Esparza Muñoz;

Solicitante: Jose de la Luz Marcelino Esaparza Casares

Número de solicitud: MX20090011035 20091013

Clasificación de patentes: E03B3/02

Fecha de publicación de la concesión: Wed, 04/05/2011


The present invention refers to a system for collecting the rain water stored in substantially horizontal slabs and roofs alter raining, which may produce flooding or swamping in a construction. Said system uses physical and mechanical principles which allow the same to work without an external power supply. The invention is described as a system that user gravity, which includes a collecting concave plate having a protrusion at the lower portion of the mesh cover has a perforation through which a tube is introduced, where the upper portion of said tube is coupled to a stopper that has a mineral carbon filter, while the lower portion there of has a plurality of wavy perforations for flowing the liquid to flow to a shutting chamber when the water level is raised in the collecting plate; the tube is placed in a cap with a central perforation where the shutoff valve is placed and which is coupled to an outlet for forming a shutting chamber where a turbulence is generates by pressure during the water fall; said effect is useful for producing a suction and, once the water level is descended in the collection plate, the flow is closed by the central perforation with the shut-off valve, and the descending water flow, by means of an outlet hose, generates a vacuum, which opens a torque valve locate at the bottom of the chamber, the bottom portion having a perforation at the lower portion for allowing the stored water around the base of the outlet to flow by suction towards the shutting chamber and then to a nipple which is connected to an outlet hose that leads to a

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