Portable Water Treatment Apparatus and methods

Autor/es: Benjamin P. Williams; Judd D. Olson; Mark R. Stouffer; Robert J. Reuter;


Número de solicitud: MX20110002843 20110316

Fecha de publicación de la concesión: Tue, 19/04/2011


Herein are disclosed apparatus and methods that can be used to receive a volume of potable water from a source and to treat the volume of water so as to improve the perceived or actual aesthetic quality of the water, and to there after contain the treated water such that it can be used or consumed. In general, the apparatus comprises a container capable of receiving a volume of water, and a capture element within the container that is capable of removing at least a portion of such substances in the water as may be perceived as impacting water quality. The capture element comprises sorbent media that is capable of removing at least some portion of such undesirable substances, and that may comprise, for example, activated carbon and the like.

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