Solar seawater desalting apparatus

Autor/es: LIN BO W (TW)

Solicitante: C02F1/04; B01D3/00; B01D3/00; C02F1/04

País: Estados Unidos

Número de solicitud: US20040895357 20040721

Clasificación de patentes: C02F1/04; B01D3/00; B01D3/00; C02F1/04

Fecha de publicación de la concesión: Thu, 26/01/2006


A solar seawater desalting apparatus includes a solar module, an insulating plate mounted below the solar module, a conductive plate, a condensing room below the insulating plate and communicated with the seawater channel, and a thermal plate mounted in the insulating plate. The conductive plate is mounted to an upper side of the insulating plate for heating seawater flowing through a seawater channel between the insulating plate and the solar module. A top of the condensing room is delimited by a cooling plate. A collecting chamber is provided in the condensing room and located below the cooling plate. The thermal plate includes a high temperature area in contact with the conductive plate and a low temperature area in contact with the cooling plate. Water in the heated seawater vaporizes in the condensing room and condenses at the cooling plate, and the condensed water is collected in the collecting chamber.

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