The Australian Drinking Water Guidelines

[The Australian Drinking Water Guidelines]

These guidelines are intended to provide a framework for better drinking water supplies management which, if implemented, will assure safety at the point of use. These guidelines have been developed taking the best available scientific evidence into consideration. They are designed to provide an authoritative reference on what defines safe, good quality water; how it can be achieved and how it can be assured. They are concerned both with safety from a health point of view. Although the guidelines are not mandatory standards, they do provide a basis for determining the quality of water to be supplied to consumers in all parts of Australia. These determinations need to consider the diverse array of regional or local factors and take into account economic, political and cultural issues, including customer expectations and the willingness and ability to pay. These guidelines are intended for use by the Australian community and all agencies with responsibilities associated with the supply of drinking water, including catchment and water resource managers, drinking water suppliers, water regulators and health authorities.

Consejo Nacional de Salud y Investigación Médica (NHMRC)

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