Ideas for Water Awareness Campaigns

[Ideas for Water Awareness Campaigns]

There is growing recognition of the importance of social norms and attitudes in the management of water. Recent main policy documents recognize the importance of awareness raising to influence these norms and values towards a more sustainable use of water resources. All over the world new initiatives have been launched in the last decade. Large international agencies, governments, local citizens’ groups, drinking-water providers, international and local non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and educational networks all have unique and interesting experiences. Their ideas are often innovative, attractive and have a potential to appeal to large audiences. This book attempts to bring together many of these ideas, from a variety of organizations working in a diverse range of countries. Hopefully, it will be useful as a resource for a variety of people such as: • Professionals in the water sector who have realized the importance of public awareness. • People working on water publicity campaigns and educational programs who want to know both what is going on in other initiatives and what material and resources are already available. • Small and large NGO groups trying to find ways to expand their reach and incorporate new ideas. • Organizations looking for partners to start new initiatives with. • Policy makers who want to glance into the public awareness side of the water sector.

Global Water Partnership

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