Water use in La Bocana, Buenaventura

[Water use in La Bocana, Buenaventura]

The water rain is a wonderful resource in quantity and quality that is available for the human consumption. This work studied the use of the water rain in the Bocana, municipality of Buenaventura, Colombia, the objective was to identify ways of harvesting and advantage with participation of the community. According to the results of the investigation, 83% of the houses use water rain as source of supply in combination with other sources. In spite of the great investments made in the pipe system, this one is used by 10% of the community. The precipitations of the zone are sufficient in amount and quality, but limitations in the advantage of the area of the ceiling and the storage exist. The area mediates is of 70 m² and the volume is of 250 litres in 78% of the houses. In a period of 10 years, the driest year presents/displays 15 days followed without rain (January) and the greater precipitation (April and August) respectively registers 28 and 29 days followed of rain. Was not presence of fecal in the water that precipitates. 76% of the users make O&M in the tanks each 1 to 8 days and 39% are discovered.

Universidad del Valle (Colombia)

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