Recognize the reality; the multiple use of the systems of water supply in countryside

[Recognize the reality; the multiple use of the systems of water supply in countryside]

In the countryside, a clear demand of water for productive uses on small scale often exists, like irrigation, farming product, processing of micro-companies. These productive uses generate income for the families and this way they contribute to the fight against the poverty. Nevertheless, it is normal to find systems of water supply designed to only take care of the domestic necessities and they do not include water for other uses or they prohibit them. That can affect the sustainability of the systems of water supply. The reality shows us that therefore the clandestine thing is fomented, conflict are generated and it contribute to the overoperation of the hydric resources. On the other hand, to provide water for the productive uses implies a series of considerations in the design of the systems and their management. Two cases of the Colombian Andean zone illustrate several points of consideration and show possible solutions to give an answer to these demands of water. Based in the cases, a call to the institutions is made to accept the multiple use of the water as a challenge that means to give concrete and integral solutions to the users with water necessities for small productive scales.

Universidad del Valle (Colombia)

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