Efficient use of water, collective or individual responsibility?

[Efficient use of water, collective or individual responsibility?]

In Mexico, like anywhere in the world, the organization of the use of the water for different aims and the use of the natural resources is a cultural question, culture as the different ways of life of a group of people, the warehouse of the knowledge of the group, the daily relation with the natural goods with a different vision. With the panorama of the diminution of the potable water available for the human activities and the chaotic contamination of the planet, in the high-level meetings on the environmental, the right of everybody to the access to potable water, respect the balance of the ecosystems adapting the human activities to the capacity of recovery of the nature, et cetera, are accorded. But it is necessary to fit the plans in each region and locality, each society has its own form of organization in the access to the water. The societies provide standardized directions towards deep problems as the death, all set out to perpetuate the group, to satisfy the demands of the individuals and the biological necessities in a different way.

Instituto Mexicano de Tecnología del Agua

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