The Post 2015 Water Thematic Consultation Report

[The Post 2015 Water Thematic Consultation Report]

This report is a result of sifting through and distilling the hundreds of stakeholder contributions made in response to dozens of practical questions raised during the consultation. The questions were organized around the interdependencies regarding access to drinking water, sanitation and hygiene. They are linked to a wider water development agenda that embraces water resources and wastewater management, and water quality improvements. Significant gains have been made. The objective on water provision was met five years before the deadline. But progress on sanitation has been slower. Participants in the consultations concluded that vital work remains to be done in order to finish the business that began with the MDGs. They felt that the focus on narrow goals has not encouraged collaborative approaches to reducing poverty. Emerging from the consultations were recommendations for a new development framework that calls for reducing inequalities around water through rights-based approaches to service provision and governance. These approaches should go beyond water, sanitation and hygiene. They should integrate the management of water resources and wastewater, and improvements in water quality, requiring all sectors to break out of their narrow siloes. In this way, a strong water sector will be able to support outcomes in other thematic areas related to poverty reduction and inequalities


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