Recursive Streamflow Forecasting: A State Space Approach

Jozsef Szilagyi, Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Hungary & Univeristy of Nebraska, USA; Andras Szollosi Nagy, UNESCO-IHE Institute for Water Education, Delft, The Netherlands

Idioma: Inglés

Edición: 2010-06-25

ISBN: 9780415569019

Textbook and practical guide to real-time streamflow forecasting that provides a rigorous description of a coupled stochastic and physically-based flow routing method and its practical applications. This method is used in current times of record-breaking floods to forecast flood levels by various Hydrological Forecasting Services. By knowing in advance when, where and at what level a river will crest, appropriate protection works can be organized, reducing damage to life and property. Through its real-life case examples and problem listings, the book teaches hydrology and civil engineering students and water-resources practitioners the physical forecasting model and allows them to apply it directly in real-life problems of streamflow simulation and forecasting. Designed as a textbook for courses on Hydroinformatics and Water Management, including exercises. A CD-ROM with MATLAB codes is enclosed for the simulation of streamflows adn the creation of real-time hydrological forecasts.