Water Quality: Processes and Policy

Stephen T. Trudgill (Editor); Des E. Walling (Editor); Bruce W. Webb (Editor)

Editorial: Hardcover

Idioma: Inglés

Edición: 1999

ISBN: 0-471-98547-3

Global water issues are likely to be as important in the forseeable future as the oil crisis was in the 1970s. There is an urgent need for management to be apprised of scientific work and of the uncertainties that are associated with it, and for scientists to be able to transmit their work to management in a comprehensible way. This book explores the management of water quality in urban, rural and coastal environments. It brings together science and policy making in a timely and relevant way. As such, this book will appeal to professionals working within the water industry and also to academic institutions which have an interest in the issues relating to water quality