CARE-W, Computer Aided Rehabilitation for Water Networks

Sveinung Saegrov

Editorial: IWA Publishing

Idioma: Inglés

Edición: 2005

ISBN: 1843390914

The aim of CARE-W was to support European water companies in their decisions on upgrading their water supply. The system has been developed for and tested by cities representing all parts of Europe. CARE-W consists of software dealing with fundamental instruments for estimating the current and future condition of water networks, including tools to assess performance indicators (PI), to predict pipe failures (FAIL) and to calculate water supply reliability (REL). Based on the results of these tools, long-term investment needs are estimated (LTP tool) as well as annual rehabilitation projects selected and ranked (ARP tool). The tools are operated jointly within the ‘CARE-W Manager’, which also contains facilities for using pipe network databases, geographical information systems (GIS) and input/output routines. The results from using the procedures are presented by reports, in tables and graphically