In the list of lists of residents in the RedIRIS server are located 3 major Spanish mailing lists on water.

  • Agua-es: Water Policy. Water Resources
  • Restauragua: Restoration of inland aquatic ecosystems
  • Agua-derecho: Water policy. Water Resources
  • AGUA-ES, distribution list to more important matters of water existing in Spain is coordinated by D. Carlos González-Antón, Professor of Administrative Law at the University of León. The topics discussed in this forum are those shown in the following table:

    • Water policy
    • Water right
    • Water resources
    • Water planning
    • Integrated water managment
    • Water economy
    • Water engineering
    • Water utilities: water supply, sanitation, purification
    • Water reuse
    • Water conservation
    • Water and environment
    • Environmental protection of water resources
    • Water works and sustainable develepnment. Environmental impact assessment
    • Water and agriculture
    • Irrigation
    • Water technologies. Aquatic biology. Ecology of water resources
    • Integrated water management. Regional, catchment, local
    • Problems of shared watercourses
    • Spain and Portugal
    • Latin America
  • RESTAURAGUA, created on March 13, 2001, is coordinated by D. Javier Chacon Mesa Area of Environmental Engineering, Center for Applied Technical Studies, CEDEX-Ministerio de Fomento.

    The aim here is to establish relationships between experts in different fields related to the restoration of multi inland aquatic ecosystems. This concept allows for the rivers and associated ecosystems, wetlands, reservoirs,..... The forum thus created, will facilitate the dissemination of events related to the topic of the list, exchange of experiences and consultations.

    The professional field of the recipient intends to be very wide, from ecologists to water, to all professional disciplines related to the restoration of these ecosystems. The topics will focus on different aspects of multifunctional ecosystems restoration: Dynamic fluvial geomorphology, flow allocation for environmental purposes, choice of species for revegetation, bioengineering best available techniques, permeation of water infrastructure, corrective measures and compensating the impacts caused by hydraulic works, etc.. From the moment of its creation, aims to grow through the collaboration of all participants and is intended to open channels of communication between them.

  • AGUA-DERECHO, emerges as a subsidiary specializing in water-the list is in order to inform and discuss specific areas of water law, especially in Spain, Portugal and Latin America. The practical objective is to enable those interested exclusively in the legal aspects of water management with its channel intercom independent of the broader water-l parent's list. The vocation of this list, like the rest of the tools Thematic Network is to use the Spanish language for exchanging knowledge and ideas between the American community, although the Portuguese language as the sister will always be welcome.