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Water, Cultural Diversity, and Global Environmental Change

Johnston, B.R.; Hiwasaki, L.; Klaver, I.J.; Ramos Castillo, A.; Strang, V

Editorial: Springer

Idioma: English

ISBN: 978-94-007-1773-2

A UNESCO-IHP project exploring the linkages between water, cultural diversity and environmental change

This book offers an array of ideas, concepts, and tools to understand and manage the sociocultural implications of the growing water crisis

Includes discussions on how water resource, cultural diversity and biodiversity concerns can be met in a peaceful and sustainable fashion

A product of the UNESCO-IHP project on Water and Cultural Diversity, this book represents an effort to examine the complex role water plays as a force in sustaining, maintaining, and threatening the viability of culturally diverse peoples. It is argued that water is a fundamental human need, a human right, and a core sustaining element in biodiversity and cultural diversity. The core concepts utilized in this book draw upon a larger trend in sustainability science, a recognition of the synergism and analytical potential in utilizing a coupled biological and social systems analysis, as the functioning viability of nature is both sustained and threatened by humans.

The green economy and carbon footprint focus on Environment Day

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