First National Congress of Irrigation and Renewable Energy

Gobierno de Navarra

Wed, 16/11/2011 / Thu, 17/11/2011

Renewable energy in 2010 achieved an energy output equivalent to 35% of electricity consumption in Spain, which have become an area that potentially has clear signs of expansion and development.

An opportunity in this sense it is the agricultural sector and in particular the of irrigation because of its high installed power, which has recently experienced an increase of over 80% irrigation rates over the past 5 years.

For this reason, from the public company of Navarra Irrigation in cooperation with the National Renewable Energy Centre (CENER) has seen fit to organize the First National Congress of Irrigation and Renewable Energies, to be held in the auditorium Bastion of Pamplona, ​​the on 16 and 17 November. The main objective is to present technical solutions to users of irrigation in an improvement in their overall energy balance and therefore the viability of their farms.

The audience being targeted by this Congress is composed of representatives from government, energy companies, irrigators and technical communities, who will have the opportunity to exchange views and experiences as well as evaluating the adequacy of energy facilities for this specific niche .

Where there is a User Community available land, productive agricultural land, power lines and water. There is also land law that allows reordering the properties and facilitate the location of possible use of energy and infrastructure financing conditions of general interest.

From CENER and Irrigation Navarre I believe this National Irrigation Congress and Renewable Energy will serve as a link and open new opportunities for collaboration between both sectors.

Gobierno de Navarra
(Pamplona, Navarra, España)

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