Novel tailored ceramic membranes for water treatment applications

Nuevas membranas cerámicas adaptadas para su aplicación en el tratamiento de agua


Programa: Seventh Framework Programme

Inicio del proyecto: Mié, 15/09/2010

Finalización del proyecto: Vie, 14/09/2012

This project addresses an acute and relevant worldwide problem: The scarcity of fresh water. The current solutions to this problem are based on desalination of sea water and on wastewater treatment. In both cases, the state-of-the-art uses reverse-osmosis membrane technology that employs polymer membranes. The problem is that these membranes are sensitive to fouling and degradation, and although they are relatively inexpensive their frequent replacement is costly and labor-intensive. Here we propose using a new type of hybrid ceramic membranes, developed in our group, as pre-treatment filters (ultra-filtration) in the purification process. Ultimately, we also envisage a one-stage reverse osmosis water purification process using only the hybrid ceramic membranes. These novel membranes are extremely stable, and are easily tailored to specific applications. The project will boost the career of the applicant, Dr. Vitaly Gitis. He will be trained in the synthesis of these new hybrid materials, enabling him to transfer the knowledge to his home university and apply it in his research group. Combined with his considerable experience of water purification processes, the new knowledge will give him a research edge that will make him a leader in the field. Moreover, the additional soft skills training that he will receive, plus the international and interdisciplinary experience, will cement his position in his home country. Finally, the host institution will also benefit substantially from the project, as the applicant will transfer his own knowledge and experience to the hosting group and to the institute.

Fuente: CORDIS