Uso racional del agua

International Water Demand Management Conference

Sun, 30/05/2004 / Thu, 03/06/2004

Water Efficiency and Public Information for Action (WEPIA)

SWIM 2004 - 18th Salt Water Intrusion Meeting

Mon, 31/05/2004 / Thu, 03/06/2004

Universidad Politécnica de Cartagena; Instituto Geológico y Minero

International Water Demand Management Conference

Thu, 20/05/2004 / Sun, 20/06/2004

Ministry of Water and Irrigation in Jordan

5° Festival de l’Oh!

Sat, 21/05/2005 / Sun, 22/05/2005

Consejo General de Val de Marne (Francia)

4th World Water Forum

Thu, 16/03/2006 / Wed, 22/03/2006

Consejo Mundial del Agua (CMA) - World Water Council (WWF); National Water Commission, Mexico

Membrane Technology Conference & Exposition

Sun, 18/03/2007 / Wed, 21/03/2007

American Water Works Association (AWWA)

El Reto del Agua


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