obras hidráulicas

Restauración de ríos. Guía jurídica para el diseño y realización de proyectos

Barreira López, Ana ; Wolman, Andrew; Brufao Curiel, Pedro

Editorial: Ministerio de Medio Ambiente

Idioma: Español

Edición: Madrid 2009

ISBN: 9788449109195

Dir. Ana Barreira López. INDICE: Figuras jurídicas básicas para la restauración de ríos y riberas. La restauración de ríos en países de nuestro entorno: un análisis jurídico. Marco competencial y normas de aplicación a la restauración de ríos y riberas en España. La ordenación administrativa de los terrenos ribereños. Técnicas de defensa y protección del dominio público hidráulico. Mecanismos jurídicos para disponer de los terrenos fluviales. Otras medidas para la restauración fluvial.

Water Engineering and Management throught Time

Editor: Enrique Cabrera, Universidad politecnica de Valencia, España

Idioma: Inglés

ISBN: 978-0-415-48002-4

Water Engineering and Management - Learning from History explores the pair technology / water use (an indivisible pair, since the first member of the binomial determines the second) which, in the light of the knowledge available in the 21st century and with a conception focused on the near future, goes beyond the limits set by nature itself. The history of water reviewed in the context of this Seminar will help understand the importance water has had in every possible context and civilization in the past, an understanding that will undoubtedly lead to appreciate the true value of the most highly prized among natural resources. For the ultimate goal of the Seminar and the resulting book is "to learn from history", approaching the problem from a pragmatic point of view, far from the political and social interests which, unfortunately, are usually linked to water. This work will be of particular interest to water managers, politicians, decision makers, and scientists and professionals working in the area of water sciences. Libro publicado el 6 de Agosto de 2010. 345 páginas
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