International Advanced Training Workshop on Integrated River Basin Management

Mon, 27/07/2009 / Mon, 03/08/2009

International Research and Training Centre on Erosion and Sedimentation (IRTCES); UNESCO/IHP International Sediment Initiative (ISI); Ministry of Water Resources of P.R. China; World Association for Sedimentation and Erosion Research (WASER); Chinese National Committee for IHP

2nd European Water Conference

Thu, 02/04/2009 / Fri, 03/04/2009

Dirección General de Medio Ambiente de la Comisión Europea

Solving Water Problems in the South

Tue, 07/04/2009 / Wed, 08/04/2009

Water voor Afrika

Flood Protection Brno 2009 (1)

Tue, 21/04/2009 / Sat, 25/04/2009

Veletrhy Brno, a.s.

Flood Protection Brno 2009 (2)

Tue, 05/05/2009 / Thu, 07/05/2009

Veletrhy Brno, a.s.

Measuring, Monitoring and Reducing Carbon in the Water Industry

Fri, 20/04/2001 / Fri, 20/04/2001

The Geological Society

1st Seminar on 'The pipe systems for edificiación'

Tue, 10/02/2009 / Wed, 11/02/2009

Universidad Politécnica de Valencia

2nd International Conference Biohydrology 2009: A changing climate for biology and soil hydrology interactions

Mon, 21/09/2009 / Thu, 24/09/2009

Institute of Hydrology, Slovak Academy of Sciences, Bratislava, Slovakia; Institute of Hydrodynamics, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, Prague, Czech Republic; University of Valencia, Spain; Swansea University, Swansea, UK; University Koblenz-Landau, Koblenz, Germany; ALTERRA Green World Research, Wageningen, The Netherlands; Scottish Crop Research Institute, Invergowrie, Dundee, UK; Max-Planck-Institut for Biogeochemistry, Jena, Germany; Research Institute for Soil Science and Agricultural Chemistry, Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Budapest, Hungary.

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