The 4th International Conference on Water Resources and Arid Environments (ICWRAE)

Sun, 05/12/2010 / Wed, 08/12/2010

King Saud University, represented by the Prince Sultan Research Center for Environment, Water and Desert, Prince Sultan Bin Abdulaziz International Prize for Water (PSIPW), Saudi Ministry of Water and Electricity

H2O Industry

Wed, 19/05/2010 / Fri, 21/05/2010


Technical seminars on hydric efficiency and energetic efficiency in irrigations

Mon, 22/03/2010 / Tue, 23/03/2010

Centro Nacional de Tecnología de Regadíos (CENTER)

Toward sustainable groundwater in agriculture

Tue, 15/06/2010 / Thu, 17/06/2010

Water Education Fundation y Universidad de California

Scaling up the market for small hydro power

Tue, 01/12/2009 / Wed, 02/12/2009

Asociación Nacional de Energía hidroeléctrica

Acqua Alta

Tue, 10/11/2009 / Thu, 12/11/2009

Hamburg Messe

IWA Water & Energy 2009 International Conference

Thu, 29/10/2009 / Sat, 31/10/2009

International Water Association (IWA)

Hydro 2009 International Conference and Exhibition: Progress, Potential and Plans

Mon, 26/10/2009 / Wed, 28/10/2009

Revista internacional de presas y energía hidroeléctrica

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