La crisis global del agua: respondiendo a un problema urgente de seguridad

[The Global Water Crisis: Addressing an Urgent Security Issue]

En marzo de 2011, expertos de alto nivel procedentes de todo el mundo fueron invitados a Toronto, Canadá, para reunirse con los miembros del Consejo InterAction sobre el estado del suministro de agua dulce del mundo en lo que respecta a cuestiones de seguridad mundial (véase la lista de Los participantes en este volumen). In March 2011, high-level experts from around the world were invited to Toronto, Canada, to meet with members of the InterAction Council about the status of the world’s freshwater supply as it relates to global security issues (see List of Participants in this volume). These experts reported that that the global water crisis is real and that there is urgency in addressing the growing number of security risks associated with threatened water supply and quality. They also, however, expressed hope and identified opportunities that can be realized by the timely triggering of change in policies, institutions, and the way society thinks about water.

Universidad de las Naciones Unidas y Consejo InterAction

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