Low Income Sanitation Technical Assistace Project - Prosanear - TAL

Inicio del proyecto: Thu, 06/01/2000

Finalización del proyecto: Fri, 15/12/2006

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The Low Income Sanitation Technical Assistance Project, aims at achieving integrated, and demand-driven water supply, and sanitation services delivery to the urban poor, within the participating local government agencies. The project components call for: 1) Project management, promotion, and studies, to strengthen project coordination capacity, and administration within the Federal Government, and improve the wellbeing of targeted populations in the sector. A promotion strategy will formulate the national policy framework for cost recovery on low income water and sanitation issues. The component includes dissemination of best practices, seminars, studies on social tariff/subsidy policy, low cost technologies, community participation methods, and, research grants. 2) Pre-investments, to provide "reforming" state water companies/municipalities, with technical assistance for basic program principles. It includes a socioeconomic baseline survey, implementation of a low income area development plan, and, an engineering design for the community participation plan. In addition, a tariff, and subsidy policy study will focus on institutional building. 3) Training programs for water utilities, local governments, and regional offices, to strengthen institutional capacity. 4) Urban development policy, to strengthen local capacity building, and develop a national urban indicator system.

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