Inversión mundial en agua. Europa 2009

Water Investment World Europe 2009


Lun, 09/03/2009 / Mié, 11/03/2009

Water Investment World Europe 2009 delivers Europe’s first platform addressing the water sectors investment requirements. This event brings together utilities, government and investors to discuss emerging opportunities in water infrastructure, technology and rights.

The state of the global water cycle is only too clear. Chronic underinvestment in water infrastructure, climatic change, population growth and increased urbanisation has resulted in massive investment requirements.

The US alone requires water infrastructure upgrades estimated to cost between $300 billion (£153 billion) and $1 trillion. Globally, water consumption is doubling every 20 years, over twice the rate of current population growth. Therefore, it is estimated that by 2025 about a third of the world will not have access to adequate drinking water.

This creates an exciting and complex market dynamic. Water Investment World Europe 2009 brings together a diverse collection of global water leaders to discuss emerging investment opportunities.
Hear from utilities, government, water funds, institutional investors, technology providers and the most dynamic water strategists all looking to tap this emerging market

* Understand the market dynamics for utilities and their attractiveness for infrastructure funds
* Assess the implications of regulation and government strategy on water investment
* Analyse emerging technology players looking to provide innovative water solutions
* Evaluate forward thinking ‘water plays’
* Hear leading water funds outline their current strategies and deliver insights into the outlook for the water market
* Harness institutional investor perspectives as they discuss what they are searching from the water sector
* Examine the geographic out and identify where the opportunities lie

(Londres, Reino Unido)
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