Día Europeo sobre la escasez de agua y las sequías

Mié, 16/07/2008

On the 5th of September, EXPO Zaragoza will host a European Day on Water Scarcity and Droughts. Access to good quality water is fundamental to our daily lives and to most economic activities. Yet water scarcity and droughts are becoming major challenges throughout the world, including Europe.

In its Communication on Water Scarcity and Droughts issued a year ago, the European Commission put a priority on using water more efficiently through a combination of technology and policy developments.
The daylong event on the 5th of September will include a presentation of the main issues of the draft follow up report of the Communication, as well as presentations on the experiences of European and non-European countries seriously affected by water scarcity and droughts.
Above all, the conference is an opportunity for stakeholders to participate in the water debate and comment on the draft report in advance of final publication at the end of 2008.
Prior to this event the EWP will organise an inspiring workshop day dedicated to the European Water Vision and Aquawaraness, the new voluntary European Water Awareness and Water Stewardship Programme. The debates in these expert-level workshops will deliver input into the European Day the next day.