Influence of Substrate Type and Grit in Sewage Purification System by Flow Constructed Wetlands Vertical and Horizontal

Autor/es: Pidre Bocardo, Juan Ramón

Año de lectura: 2010

Universidad: Cádiz

Departamento: Tecnologías del Medio Ambiente


purification of waste water is one of the serious environmental problems still remain unresolved. Although much of the population already covered this need, is in small towns where the figures are higher for the deficiency of this service.

of available technologies for the purification of wastewater in small ponlaciones more degree of implanting is having worldwide is known as Artificial Wetlands. This thesis develops

research on them in the study covering the following general objectives:

- deepen the study of the behavior of different types of Artificial Wetlands applied to the purification of urban waste water

- evaluate the feasibility of different combinations of Constructed Wetlands in order to improve purification yields

- establish the optimum operating range of different types and combinations of Constructed Wetlands for compliance with the regulations of discharges