Draft Water Plan Galicia-Coast

Water planning is a legal requirement that is established with the overall objectives of achieving good status and adequate protection of water bodies in the river, meeting the water demands and balance and harmonize regional and sectoral development (art. 40 of the Consolidated Water Act). These objectives will be achieved by increasing the availability of the resource, protecting its quality, saving their jobs and streamlining its uses in harmony with the environment and other natural resources. With the approval of the Water Act in 1985 began a process of water planning in Spain of a regulatory nature. In such a process combining elements of coordination reserved for the National Hydrological Plan and the Government and other territorial autonomy and decentralization are specified in the Basin Hydrological Plans. The requirement to produce such plans lies with the Water Boards and inter-basin Basin Organizations Hydraulic administrations with responsibility for intra-basin.

Augas de Galicia

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