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Aquifer Hydraulics: A Comprehensive Guide to Hydrogeologic Data Analysis

Vedat Batu

Editorial: Hardcover

Idioma: Inglés

Edición: 1998

ISBN: 0-471-18502-7

"Very easy to understand and follow, even for complicated applications . . . this book will be a significant addition to the library of individuals who are practicing in the field of geohydrology." -Professor M. M. Aral, Georgia Institute of Technology "A valuable source of information for every student and practitioner of quantitative hydrogeology. I commend Dr. Batu for the thorough research and dedicated effort that went into the preparation of this book." -Stavros S. Papadopulos, Chairman, S. S. Papadopulos & Associates, Inc. This book offers the most detailed and comprehensive coverage available of aquifer hydraulics, testing, and analysis for a wide range of aquifer and well types under differing conditions. It presents the theoretical foundations and limitations of existing analytical models for each ground water system, along with an in-depth examination of hydrogeologic data analysis methods. Translating theory into practice, detailed examples illustrate the real-world application of well test techniques-an invaluable aid to readers in the design, execution, and analysis of their own field tests. With an accompanying computer disk packed with data analysis programs, Aquifer Hydraulics is an essential tool for practicing and aspiring hydrogeologists, environmental engineers, and others involved in aquifer evaluation and protection.
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