Uttar Pradesh Water Sector Restructuring Project - India

Inicio del proyecto: Mar, 19/02/2002

Finalización del proyecto: Mié, 31/10/2007

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The development objectives of the Uttar Pradesh Water Sector Restructuring Project are to: a) set up an enabling institutional and policy framework for water sector reform in the State for integrated water resources management; and b) initiate irrigation and drainage sub-sector reforms in the State to increase and stain water and agricultural productivity. The project has six components: Component 1 initiates water sector reform. Component 2 finances irrigation and drainage sub-sector reforms. Component 3 pilots reform options for integrated water resources management at the sub-basin level and Component 4 pilots reform measures for sustainable and efficient operation and management of irrigation and drainage infrastructure. Specifically, the latter component rebuilds and modernizes irrigation and drainage systems based on community priorities; supports agricultural intensification and diversification through extension services, study tours, and other training; and pilots replicable management options, including transferring management responsibilites to water user associations. Component 5 initiates topographic surveys and environmental, social, and other assessments, and prepares feasibility studies for activities to be undertaken in a follow-up project. Component 6 assists the Project Activities Core Team (PACT) with its role in facilitating and guiding the implmeentation and monitoring of all project activities, ensuring synergy and coordination.

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