Cumbre árabe de agua y energía

Lun, 29/03/2010 / Mié, 31/03/2010

Autoridad del agua y la electricidad de Abu Dabi (Adwea)

Asiawater 2010

Mar, 06/04/2010 / Jue, 08/04/2010


Conferencia de jóvenes profesionales del agua

Lun, 05/07/2010 / Mié, 07/07/2010

WQRA (Water Quality research Australia); UNSW

X Edición de las Reuniones Euromediterráneas de Negocios

Jue, 29/10/2009 / Vie, 30/10/2009

Cámara de Comercio de Barcelona

12º Simposio Internacional de ríos

Lun, 21/09/2009 / Jue, 24/09/2009

International Water Centre; University of Queensland; Griffith University; International Riverfoundation;

Expo Agua China

Mié, 18/11/2009 / Vie, 20/11/2009

Messe Frankfurt (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

I Workshop sobre “Gestão e reuso de água na Indústria”

Jue, 01/12/2005 / Vie, 02/12/2005

Universidad Federal de Santa Catarina

Egypt Water Report

Idioma: Inglés

The Egypt Water Report has been researched at source, and features latest-available data covering public and private sector investment in all major water projects, including desalination, storage, transportation and network expansion. The report analyses the impact of regulatory changes, GDP growth and the background macroeconomic and socio-demographic outlook on future demand and supply growth, and features competitive intelligence. The report features Business Monitor International (BMI)’s 5-year industry forecasts and analysis of latest industry news, trends and regulatory developments in Egypt. BMI’s Egypt Water Report provides industry professionals and strategists, sector analysts, business investors, trade associations and regulatory bodies with independent forecasts and competitive intelligence on the water industry in Egypt.
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