Proposal Hydrological Plan Guadalete Barbate River Basin

Water planning is a legal requirement that is established with the objectives (Art.40 TRLA) general get good and adequate protection of water bodies in the river, meeting the water demands and balance and harmonization regional and sectoral development. These objectives will be achieved by increasing the availability of the resource, protecting its quality, saving their jobs and streamlining its uses in harmony with the environment and other natural resources. The river basin management plans were developed by the Water Boards and elevated by the Ministry of Environment and Rural and Marine Affairs to the Government for approval by Royal Decree. Page 2 Later, in the autonomous community of Andalusia, Law 3/2004 of 28 December, on Tax, Administrative and Financial, created the independent administrative agency Andalusian Water Agency and configured it as the Water Administration Board Andalusia, accounting in general, the exercise of the powers of the Autonomous Region on water. The Andalusian took 1 January 2006, the full competence in the management of water and public water in all the Andalusian coast, pursuant to Royal Decree 1560/2005 of 23 December on the transfer of functions and government services to the Autonomous Community of Andalusia on hydraulic resources and development for the river discharge into the Atlantic coast of Andalusia. Thus, through the application of this Royal Decree, the Andalusian incorporated the skills in the management of water and public water resources of river basins Guadalete and Barbate.

Junta de Andalucia

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